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When it comes to wildland fires there is no convenient time or location. It’s crucial to partner with an organization that can mobilize and deploy services immediately.

Through RAIN Fire’s Rapid Deployment System we are able to deploy globally. Our current footprint allows us to deploy as well as station firefighting equipment, patrol vehicles, and support trailers in 6 continents.


RAIN Fire closely monitors global wildfire patterns and developments to keep its international deployment capabilities at the ready.

In the 2019-2020 fire season, emerging wildfire patterns were monitored in several regions. Besides the critical fires raging in the US, particularly in California, RAIN Fire observed that several regions either transitioned into a high risk category or experienced considerable worsening of their already critical state.

While RAIN Fire maintains a deployment plan for all international regions, we pay special attention to and update our plans for regions that are suffering from critical outbreaks of wildfires.


The Guardian reported 140 wildfires raged in New South Wales and Queensland as of December 2019. Only a month earlier, extensive wildfires raged in Canberra, where the majority of Australia’s wildland-urban interface exists.

Well over 1000 homes have been lost to Australian wildfires in 2019 alone and over 1600 firefighters are currently engaged in firefighting efforts. Most of this season’s fires were not contained in time and grew into out-of-control conflagrations.

RAIN Fire is monitoring the situation closely and has a deployment plan in place for assisting Australian firefighting efforts.


According to the New York Times, close to 40,000 separate Amazon forest fires may have burned in 2019, many of them intentionally started by farmers clearing land. Major cities have been critically disrupted by the pollution and other disruptive effects of the fires.

While the political climate surrounding the Amazon fires may be divisive, RAIN Fire’s deployment plan for Brazil has the sole focus of providing a highly skilled firefighting force with elite capabilities to combat Brazil’s wildfires.


Due to a lack of proper aircraft maintenance and an inadequate firefighting plan, Lebanon has experienced catastrophic effects from a recent and critical increase in wildfires.

2019 fires were so severe that civilians began carrying fire extinguishers in their vehicles due to the significant risk each individual faced with encountering fires.

The situation in Lebanon is complex, but with RAIN Fire’s unique approach to creating enduring firefighting efforts in countries across the globe, our Lebanon deployment plan could have a great effect on future firefighting efforts in the country.

Travel Times

Being centrally located within North America allows us to fight domestic fires within a matter of hours instead of days. The S-70I Firehawk provides a 300 mile range per re-fueling, allowing us to reach your location with minimal fuel stops.

Comprised of industry veterans and state of the art equipment we’re committed to ensuring a speedy and efficacious response.

Your Area

We welcome the opportunity to bring our cutting edge firefighting teams to your area to support your efforts to keep population, natural resources, and developed areas safe.

RAIN Fire maintains careful monitoring of changing trends and wildfire patterns globally. Contact us to discuss our deployment plan for your area.

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