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RAIN Fire uses a carefully selected fleet of aircraft and vehicles to offer both aerial and interface firefighting services perfectly adaptable to your region’s needs. Our veteran firefighters have operations experience in a wide array of terrains and can rapidly deploy to any location worldwide.

Aerial Firefighting

Brave firefighting men and women on the ground fight hard to put out fires, but without effective aerial firefighting support, interface firefighting quickly becomes unmanageable.

The key is the right aircraft. While many firefighting fleets still consist chiefly of 1960s era aircrafts, RAIN Fire’s fleet is built with state-of-the-art S-70i Firehawks. With their smaller frame, they quickly maneuver on the frontlines and can continually drop water, foam, or gel. In a tight operation, they can also advantageously refill from local water sources with their integrated snorkel, ensuring the operation doesn’t get halted due to long refill flights.

Thanks to the Firehawk’s front-looking infrared (FLIR) technology and night vision, we can provide continuous 24-hour air support to any firefighting effort. Additionally, this technology allows our pilots to understand the dynamics of a raging wildfire to make patterned drops that contain fires faster.  

Our Firehawk pilots are ready to support your firefighting operations.

Interface Firefighting

RAIN Fire veteran firefighters are outfitted with high-tech gear to suppress fires in diverse settings, including extreme weather, remote locations and adverse topographical conditions. 

With the wildland-urban interface increasingly the battleground for wildfires, our firefighters are trained in advanced fire containment tactics and procedures to protect the lives and homes of people in your region.

Skilled communicators, practiced tacticians and RAIN Fire firefighters regularly complete coordinating exercises with our firefighting vehicles and aircrafts to contain fires quickly and safely.

Our firefighters are ready to support your firefighting operations.

Additional Services

When it comes to firefighting, it’s never as simple as just being there at the time of the wildfire. It’s everything that can be done to prevent the fire, fight the fire, and assist with the aftermath of the fire. With that in mind we offer a range of additional services including:

- Crew/cargo transport
- Search and Rescue with FLIR, NVG and Hoisting capability
- Firing operations
- Controlled burns
- Contract aircraft
- Call when needed Aircraft

- Fuels mitigation work

- Crew sleeping trailers
- Washroom trailers
- Mobile Shower trailers
- Generator trucks

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